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P104 Preform Analyzer

Compact, repeatable, thermally stable preform analysis

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The P104 Preform Analyzer provides fast and repeatable measurement of the critical characteristics of optical fiber preform index profiles. Like the 2600 Preform Analyzer, measurements are automatic, reliable, and require a minimum of operator skill. However, the P104 also possesses unique capabilities that are highly beneficial for some specific preform types and processes. The P104's dynamic aperture option greatly improves the characterization of many finely structured preforms, and its patented silica measurement cell minimizes the thermal effects that plague some preform characterizations.

Features and Benefits
Patented Silica Measurement Cell
  • Provides an integral index of refraction reference for each measurement
  • Minimizes oil volume to ensure rapid thermal equilibrium and maximum calibration accuracy
  • A range of cell sizes accommodates preform diameters from 5 to 80 mm
Unique Optical Design
  • Improves the measurement of many preforms with fine structure
Dynamic Aperture Option
  • Provides more accurate measurement of complex VAD preforms
Calibration Traceable to the National Physical Laboratory (UK)
  • Assures refractive index measurement accuracy
Mechanical Design Features Optimized for Production test
  • Small footprint makes the P104 the ideal benchtop preform analyzer
  • Removable measurement cell takes the preform loading operation offline, minimizing test cycle time

Refractive Index Accuracy ± 0.0002
Refractive Index Repeatability < 0.00005
Preform Diameter 5 - 80 mm
Preform Length 15 - 200 cm (depending on diameter)
Measurement Speed 115 sec. (1000 data points)
165 sec. (2000 data points)
215 sec. (3000 data points)

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